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As the effects of over-tourism continue to overwhelm museums and touristic sites around the

world, tour guides are desperately searching for a method to be heard in loud and crowded

areas. To date, the only solution made available to the tours and activities industry are

transistor radios, which are labor intensive and tend to elicit bad reviews from tour

participants. Additionally, their single functionality misses many technological and business


The TourStream mobile app provides a latency-free solution to deliver live commentary to the

audience members within a 100 meter radius of the guide. Additionally In-app tipping, reviews, data collection, and a white labelling option provide a return on cost that traditional radios cannot

match, and tour guides desperately seek.


On field trips teachers rely simply on their voice to get a student’s attention, both unreliable

and exhausting. Meanwhile students who are hard of hearing rely on their own devices

which can be susceptible to range while large classrooms can be difficult for even

unimpaired students to hear.

EdStream solves all of these with a single device carried with a teacher on field trips and

used to live-stream audio to students’ phones or other wireless devices without the need of an internet connection. By the same page these wireless devices can be installed in a

classroom or stadium to supplement or replace existing sound systems allowing users to

listen from their own devices and ensuring any hearing impaired students have consistently

accessible audio.


Stadium goers show up to watch their favorite teams compete, they purchase their concessions and grab their seats but as soon as the game begins, they’re confronted with the disappointing reality of poor (or completely absent) sound systems, no choice of casters

and if you’re not a speaker of the native tongue, you’re out of luck entirely. Some locations may allow attendees to purchase decades old radio handhelds with limited or single channel options, but that’s the extent of it. The lack of choice available on site has led to declining stadium attendance even prior to the outbreak of Covid.


StadiumStream lets the fan not just sidestep these problems but provides access to a host of

choices, effectively giving control over the experience to the fans. StadiumStream provides users access to any number of audio streams, clearly labeled for convenience. Whether it’s  

celebrity casts over a game, mic’d referees, game-side mics or multiple languages, fans can

customize their experience. via their own phones and without requiring an internet



Whether it’s live production teams using long lists of radio channels, stewardesses flagging each other down or using a single phone line to communicate or hospitals still sending messages with pagers or non-hipaa compliant texts, TeamCaast replaces these outdated or inadequate solutions with a device that can be installed in any number of locations and create an isolated messaging/communications network allowing for easy channel and message management via users own cell phones, internet free.

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